Benefits of Getting Stock Loans

16 Mar

At one point in almost everyone’s private or commercial life, a challenge requiring finances is encountered. You may want to finance the construction of your house, the buying of a new car, financing a business or even want some money to settle a medical bill. In such cases, one often requires a fast and convenient source of financing. Traditional sources such as banks and credit lending firms often involve lengthy and exhausting processes that may not meet your urgent need for cash immediately. In such circumstances when you have invested in common or preferred shares in one or more companies, you can easily use your stocks to access for a loan. A loan stock basically refers to a stock or share you issue to a lending firm in order to obtain a loan. There are many benefits of applying and getting  stock loans instead of obtaining a loan from a bank or other security lending firms. These advantages include the following.

First and foremost, one is able to enjoy lower, favorable and competitive interest rates and loan terms. There is usually a big difference in the rates of interest offered on loan stocks compared to other financial lenders such as banking institutions. Stock loans also usually have a fixed interest rates unlike the normal rates which vary day and night depending on the forces of demand and supply in the market. This is essential in helping you prepare adequately on settling all the monetary obligations you have. You can read more about stock loans on this page.

The second benefit of loan stocks is that they are a fast source of finance. They easily and quickly get approved since the stock itself acts as collateral for the loan which the lender can sell to recover their money. Most stock loans are usually under-written in house hence it can easily be closed within a period of two to eight days and the loan funded immediately. This is unlike in banking institutions where a loan can take weeks to months before getting approved.

Another key benefit of stock loans is that it does not require any credit report. The only security you are required to post as collateral by the loan stock lender is your stock. Direct lending also means no credit checks are needed by credit rating agencies. The fact that loan stocks are also underwritten and closed internally by the lender means that you are able to communicate, get personalized services and attention from the lender directly. For more info related to this topic, please visit:

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